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The tagline on the official Hayward, CA website is “You are here…so is everything else.” We have been doing business in Hayward as an employment agency providing exceptional talent to the Hayward business community since 2010, and we can safely say the tagline isn’t too far off the mark. Hayward, an East Bay city, is not the biggest town in the Bay area (150,000) but it is packed with diversity. Everything else, and everybody else, seems to have settled in this progressive community.

Hayward is an old town. Technically speaking, there is evidence that people lived in what is now Hayward as early as 4000 BC. One thing is sure, at least in recorded history, Hayward has always adapted and progressed when faced with challenges. That characteristic lives on today which makes the city an ideal place to open a business.

As Haywards’s go-to hiring agency, we have provided engineers, marketers, financial pros, accountants, and clerical staff, we have provided talent to Hayward’s leading and up and coming businesses. For decades the business base was industrial but that is now shifting to biotech, biomed, and life science companies with nearly 400 now based in the community. Other companies with headquarters or major facilities include Impax Labs, the Shasta Company, the Gillig Bus Company, and PepsiCo.

Why Hayward Makes So Much Sense as a Place to do Business

Our business is recruiting talent for business, so we obviously support efforts to promote new companies and the new job growth they bring. Hayward is something of a “sleeper” because of its proximity to San Francisco that sucks up all the oxygen. But if you take a deep look at Hayward you’ll find there are plenty of reasons to bring your business to this town.

We know the workforce in Hayward and we can assure you it is excellent. Workforce development is a priority for Hayward. There are nearly 50 universities and colleges located within 30 miles of downtown with California State University East Bay and Chabot College being located near city center. Pretty impressive for a town of 150,000.

Other indicators that point to a business-friendly city include, over 95,000 local jobs, more than 1,000 advanced industries companies and 12,547 businesses overall, over 4,000 building permits approved in a year, an active executive airport, and two BART stations.


Hayward, Alameda County, and the State of California, all have programs to incentivize businesses. One of the biggest benefits that Hayward offers is providing prospective new businesses a guide to sort through all the programs available. Being able to make sense of incentive programs from tax breaks to free worker education, to new employment credit programs can make a real difference on a decision to move.

Hayward wants your business. And of course, we would be happy to provide you with professional recruiting service to get you staffed up on a temporary, temp-to-perm or direct hire (permanent) basis.

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