Providing Recruiting Service to Concord, CA Businesses

Concord, CA is one of the East Bay’s most progressive, business friendly, and quality of life centric communities. On older town with a legacy as an agricultural center, Concord has evolved over the decades into a city with a diverse economy. That diverse economy requires a diverse workforce and that’s where KBC Staffing comes in.

Since 2010 we have been providing recruiting solutions for Concord employers in the areas of engineering, finance, marketing, accounting, and administrative talent. Different businesses have different requirements and we accommodate those unique needs by offering not just a talent match, but a worker who shares standards, values and culture with the employer. And we provide the flexibility of offering these services on a temp, temp to perm, or direct hire basis.

Concord is a forward-thinking community that understands how the quality of life in a community revolves around balance. The city, and the city’s business partners, have worked together to make the city not only prosperous, but a great place to live and raise a family. Kids are assured of an excellent education, there is a diverse housing stock ensuring reasonable living costs, and the city itself has invested in redevelopment, most notably the Todos Santos district in downtown. All of these add up to a serious incentive to remain in the town. A real benefit for employer retention rates.

Leading Businesses Call Concord, CA Home

The list of major employers in Concord explains the rich diversity of skills found in the workforce. The Bank of America Technology Center, PG&E, and the John Muir Medical Center all employ between 1,000 and 5,000 people. Other leading employers include Comcast, Fresenius Medical Care, Mt. Diablo Unified School District, The Conoco Companies and the Wells Fargo Credit Center.

To demonstrate how far Concord has moved from its agricultural beginnings, there are now more architects and engineers in Concord than farm related workers. It’s a very talented workforce and we know it well. Our network of talent in Concord is robust. Our process allows a recruiter to do more than just search for a CV. We have full profiles that better reflect the whole talent not just their education and experience. We want perfect matches and that doesn’t happen unless the talent likes the job and the job likes the talent.

For Businesses, the Best is Yet to Come in Concord

Located just 29 miles east of San Francisco, Concord is accessible, affordable, and has a diverse and highly talented workforce. It’s a perfect city to start a business or relocate an enterprise. Guided by city leadership and support staff who promote sustainable business growth founded on carefully-considered governmental policy, Concord is destined to be the next big Bay Area business hub.
When your business opens in Concord, call us to staff up your operation. We look forward to meeting you and developing a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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