Professional Staffing for Richmond, CA Businesses

The East Bay community of Richmond, CA spent most of the 20th century as an industrial harbor town. The port generated an economy based on manufacturing and logistics, but the big business was building ships for the Navy. When that mission was shut down in the 90s, it hit Richmond hard. While the port still plays an active role in the city’s economy (it’s the third largest in California) Richmond launched an aggressive economic development plan to bring in new business.

That plan is working, and we know because we are the go-to employment agency in Richmond. As a professional staffing company, we have seen a significant increase in placement requests for engineers, accountants, finance, and administrative talent. Most of these requests are the result of new job growth.

For a small East Bay town with an industrial past, it’s really pretty surprising to see the businesses that now call Richmond home. Amazon, William Sonoma, Blue Apron, UPS, Sun Power, and Restoration Hardware are just a few of the brand names that now call Richmond home. We love it because this influx of new jobs and new job growth offers us the opportunity to develop professional relationships with the employers as their recruiting company.

Why You Should Relocate Your Business to Richmond

Richmond has a ready workforce, acres of space to locate and expand, great transportation connections, a growing economy. But what makes Richmond a great deal for businesses contemplating relocation, is a very aggressive Office of Economic Development.

If you are creating a new business, or if you are considering relocating from out of state, California has a dozen incentives for you. If you are relocating from in state, you may be eligible for other benefits. Regardless, if you are coming to Richmond, the Office of Economic Development will shepherd you through the process to ensure you get everything you qualify for. They may even be able to provide businesses low-cost loans for working capital, tax incentives, relocation assistance and favorable contracting opportunities.

Richmond is Your Free Relocation Broker

If you have ever relocated a business, you know how time consuming the process is. In Richmond, the Office of Economic Development serves as a relocation consultant and can help business owners relocate existing operations, works with entrepreneurs and investors to find businesses for sale, and assist in business-to-business relationships. Kind of like a broker but with no fee.

And of course, once you get here, KBC Staffing can assist you with all your recruiting requirements. Richmond has a solid workforce and using our recruiting process ensures that you not only get the best talent, but you get a “partner” who shares your values and culture. In other words, a perfect fit.

Richmond has a small town feel about it but that doesn’t mean limited opportunities. Bring you business to Richmond and your staffing needs to us!

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