Your single source staffing agency for professional and effective office (admin/clerical) talent. Temporary (contract), temp-to-perm or direct hire.

With over a decade of doing business as a staffing agency, KBC Staffing has earned a reputation for professionalism, responsiveness, and exceptional client care from businesses seeking temp or perm administrative/clerical office talent. The good news is the economy is on an upswing across the country. The potential bad news is that growth portends major challenges for company recruiters and human resource departments.

Experienced Staffing Professionals

If finding new talent is your responsibility, you know that growth takes people. Today, qualified people are in short supply. KBC Staffing, your office staffing company, has the experience and resources to shepherd your company through the stressful and mission critical task of matching talent to needs. Let us find the talent so you can just focus on growing.

Managed by a staff of employment agency professionals with over 35 years of combined experienced in human resources management and recruiting, KBC Staffing has been providing administrative staffing solutions to the business community since 2007. Call us what you like — temp agency, employment agency or staffing agency. After we have established a business relationship with you, you will refer to us as simply “the people solution.”

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A Business That Has Some Serious Ups and Downs

The Problem

A large regional printing operation has a business model that requires frequent rapid ramp ups to provide time-sensitive product to its customers. When those ramp ups arrive, every department in the business is scrambling for extra help to handle the load, including the need for administrative workers. Scheduling for multiple agencies became an absolute nightmare for the client.

The Solution

The client was scheduling administrative workers from three different employment agencies for admin slots in numerous departments. Staffing vacillated between 10 and 50 workers per day. We proposed, and the client accepted, to take over all the staffing and establishing an on-site office that would take over all scheduling and coordinating with the various departments.

The Outcome

Between our talented site supervisor and her access to our robust on-hand temporary staffing roster, all positions were filled consistently with qualified talent and the client was relieved of a time consuming, and often frustrating responsibility.

Typical Roles We Fill

  • Admin Assistant
  • Receptionist/Scheduler
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Office Clerk
  • Personal Assistant
  • Executive Assistant

Responsive, Flexible and Effective Temp and Perm Administrative Staffing

At KBC Staffing, we specialize in quickly staffing those administrative roles that every business has. A staffing specialist will work with you to develop a comprehensive assignment profile, work environment details, and act as project coordinator. Our “on-hand” staff of temporary administrative workers are ready for new challenges and include individuals with experience and skills ranging from entry to senior level.

And it’s that “talent” we have that makes our clients delighted and us successful. Yes, we do all the skill assessment tests and background checks that other top temp agencies do but what makes us different is a sincere commitment to understand what’s important to our staffers. We’ve formalized the process by creating profile interviews that develop an understanding of work ethic, culture, personality type, and motivation. We use these, along with skills and experience, to make appropriate placements because at the end of the day, the job has to like the worker and the worker has to like the job.

Solving Staffing Challenges Large and Small

Every business has a temporary employment need of some kind. Vacations, leaves, or temporary backfill for a position or two. But then some businesses have much larger needs. We are adept at handling both as this case study highlights.

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A true value-added service

KBC Staffing’s willingness to take on an administrative task that had been straining our capabilities for years demonstrated true value-added service. Our temp requirements are ongoing, and we will continue to count on KBC.

- Lee Campbell, Director of Support Services, Regional Printing Business