Fremont, CA – The Secret Silicon Valley of the East Bay

Fremont, CA, the silent Silicon Valley, although with its rapid growth in both tech companies and workers it’s not likely to be silent much longer. Doing business in Fremont as a professional employment agency for temp, temp to perm, and direct hire talent, KBC Staffing has a vested interest in seeing Fremont expand its business base. New tech businesses in this East Bay city are a natural fit, but the rapidly expanding population (over 230,000) also set the table for a wide variety of new service and retail opportunities as well.

In fact, if you look at a list of the top employers in Fremont, you’ll find an interesting mix of industry including Tesla, Lam Research Company, Kaiser Permanente, Seagate Magnetics, and Target Therapeutics International. Antec Inc, Ikanos Communication, SYNEX and DCKAP all headquarter their businesses in Fremont. A broad-based business community is essential for a healthy city economy. From where we sit as a recruiting company, Fremont is looking pretty healthy.

Business Friendly Fremont

Business friendly Fremont means much more than easy to do business in. Fremont is a forward-thinking California city that has invested in the infrastructure to create a favorable environment for economic development, quality of life, workforce development, and cultural diversity. It is an old California city with a very young population (median age 34) and that youth drives a progressive outlook on the city’s future.

It’s a great place to bring your business. Staff that come with you will love the lifestyle offered by Fremont. For staff you need when you arrive, on a permanent or temporary basis, senior or entry level, give us a call and we will provide you with talent that is a perfect match for your needs.

At KBC Staffing we have experienced a significant uptick in requests for recruiter services for Fremont based positions across each of our specialties. With labor supply becoming tighter and tighter, we are fortunate that the Fremont workforce includes so many qualified candidates with skills ranging from finance, to marketing, to engineering, to administration and more.

Fremont – All the Resources a Business Needs

The City of Fremont takes a down to earth approach to attracting business. Their website says it all. “We’re the city that’s not afraid to roll up our sleeves to help companies start and grow their businesses.” The data would appear to support that claim. Fremont ranks #1 for tech startups per capita in the country ( More than 900 companies make stuff in Fremont. And there are more than 50 million square feet of office/R&D/industrial space within the city limits.

That’s all impressive but as an employment agency, what impresses us the most is the rich diversity of the workforce. Fremont is home to some of the brightest technical minds, most creative marketers, and the list goes on. “Fremont has the high-level skills (and the Ph.D.s) that I’m looking for,” declared Steve Hwang, vice president of development for Seagate Technology. We heartily agree with Mr. Hwang.

Bring your business to Fremont and your staffing needs to us.

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