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KBC Staffing – When You Need Just the Right Marketing Talent

Some say it’s a science, others say it’s an art. At KBC Staffing professional employment agency, we think effective marketing talent is a mix of both, plus those unique qualities that make them the perfect match for the client’s messaging. In marketing, one size definitely does not fit all. For over a decade we have been sourcing creative marketing talent on a temporary, temp-to-perm or direct hire (permanent) basis for our clients.

Working as a contract recruiter, we connect expanding companies with forward thinking marketing professionals with skillsets that fit the dynamic industry that marketing has become. Today, big data, AI, social media and dramatic shifts in demographics all shape how marketing is done. Effective marketers have to bring non-traditional skills to the table. Our experienced marketing recruiter specialists take a deep dive into a client’s organization to identify the style and experience required for new marketing talent to be successful.

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A Monster Jeep in Every Driveway

The Problem

A thriving e-commerce auto parts organization decided to expand its line by offering customized “builds” of the Jeep Unlimited. They already had a solid web presence, but it quickly became obvious that selling wheels and tires is a different animal from selling complete automobiles. The Director of Marketing wanted a second in command to take on all marketing aspects of the Jeep program.

The Solution

A marketing recruiter specialist met with the existing marketing team to identify objectives, desired experience, lines of authority, existing marketing resources, and other issues that would be important considerations in the selection of new marketing talent.

The Outcome

After an exhaustive search, we presented the perfect fit. Experienced in marketing for a large regional automotive dealership, an off-roader enthusiast, and a natural born deal maker. He leveraged relationships with the client’s existing vendors to promote the customized Jeeps that used their performance parts, established relationships with dealers in the region, and used contacts to get the client’s vehicle displayed at the prestigious SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Typical Roles We Fill

  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Channel Marketer
  • Consumer Insight Specialist
  • IT Specialist/Project Support
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Database Manager

Much More than a CV Search

We tap into our extensive Tracking Roster and marketing networks to identify likely fits and begin the process of contacting, vetting, face to face interviews, and team evaluations until we have a short list to present to the client. As contract recruiters, our objective is to see our client make the right hire the first time and that’s why we invest so heavily in the candidate selection process.

Frequently we have clients with a need for creative marketing talent but only for a specific campaign. Our network includes exceptional marketing and marketing support talent who enjoy the freedom of the “gig economy” and look to us as their temp agency. You can turn to KBC Staffing for all your marketing talent requirements, permanent or temporary. We are confident we have the fit just right for you.

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Going the distance

I know KBC Staffing went through a lot of people before they presented our present brand manager but the wait was worth it. Thanks to their find, we are now at capacity and have backorders to fill. More than that, he’s a perfect fit for the company.

- Ian Corbin, Director of Marketing, E-Commerce Company