Oakland, CA, that other City by the Bay, is experiencing an exciting rebirth as a business-friendly urban center that’s filling the area with new opportunities. At KBC Staffing, an Oakland staffing agency, we are seeing a dramatic upturn in our client’s requirements for both temporary and permanent staffing. That’s great news for an employment agency and it’s an important precursor for healthy economic times.

Oakland has always been famous for its relationship with the Bay thanks to icons like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Oakland Bridge, and 19 miles of shoreline. It also has a reputation as a transportation hub, home to the Oakland Port and all the associated businesses that move cargo in and out of the city. That’s the legacy of Oakland but recently there has been a new dynamic at play.

Why is that important to a staffing agency? Because Oakland is our home and we feel like we play an important part in supporting Oakland’s growth by providing talented administrative staffing.

Downtown Oakland has a vibrant and progressive atmosphere, fueled by dramatic growth where corporate headquarters sit side-by-side with startups and small shops. It’s definitely a California town but it is also as cosmopolitan as its neighbor on the other side of the Bay, San Francisco. Over 80 languages are spoken on the streets, the city is home to major cultural events and of course, we have our fair share of professional sports teams.

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